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Baltimore Biomass has displaced
101.2 tons
of Co2 emissions since 9.15.2008

Our mission:
Baltimore Biomass' mission is to educate Marylanders on the benefits of locally grown biomass energy and to provide a reliable source of environmentally friendly, economically sound, sustainable energy to the Baltimore metropolitan region.

Our current #2 shelled corn price is
per 50 lb bag

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About Baltimore Biomass

Baltimore Biomass makes local, sustainably grown biomass available to its members for use as heating fuel.

Baltimore Biomass currently supplies its members with #2 shelled corn for use in corn-burning and multi-fuel biomass stoves. Our corn is grown locally using sustainable practices, by Maryland farmers, and transported directly to our centrally located facility at 2800 Sisson Street in mid-town Baltimore City. We will have our urban grain bins in place later this year, which will allow us to further reduce our per bushel price, and to make corn available to members 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Contact Baltimore Biomass

by postal mail:
Baltimore Biomass
2800 Sisson street
Baltimore, MD 21211-2960

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Hours of operation:
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm


Warm up and save money with Biomass.

There are quite a few reasons for interest in renewable energy: saving money, global warming, supporting local farms, spending your dollars locally, U.S. energy independence, reducing oil consumption and the list goes on. Using Biomass to heat your home or business is probably the most economically approachable way to go green and make the change to American produced renewable energy.

We already know that you´re one of the many people interested in renewable energy because you are here. We also know that many people out there have wanted to commit to renewable energy, but they thought that you couldn´t afford it or that they might have to give up convenience or comfort. Well trust me, you can afford it, and with a Biomass stove´s warm glow heating your home or business it will be more comfortable then ever before.

Baltimore Biomass is pleased to announce that is has forged a special relationship with Cumberland Stove Works of Cumberland Wisconsin. This relationship allows Baltimore Biomass to help even more people go green with a biomass heating system. Now switching to the only renewable energy option that pays for it self in just a few years is more affordable then ever.

Baltimore Biomass is thrilled to offer the "Baltimore Biomass Turn key Heating package" featuring the Cumberland MF3800 for the amazing price of $3395.00 installed. That is just $3055.50 after the 10% federal tax rebate! The MF3800 is a high quality American manufactured stove that features, electronic auto ignition, thermostatic temperature control, variable heat output up to 45,000 BTU and many other high efficiency features all built into a beautifully classic freestanding stove design.

Our turn key price includes: (1) Cumberland MF3800 in your choice of black, silver or gold trim, (1) Hearth Classic™ hearth pad, 8 feet of Dura-Vent Pellet Pro™ stove pipe and basic professional installation. If you are ready to switch to biomass, e-mail or call us today so that we can schedule an in home inspection to assess your home or business' unique installation needs.

Contact George today at or by phone at 410-406-6645

[ Your price total may vary depending on the type of the instillation required for your home. Our basic instillation option is suitable for most homes. We will visit your home to make an assessment and to discuss the details of installation. We consider basic installation short run, direct through the wall venting with a 3 foot rise. Additional vent pipe and complex installations may add to the final installed price. The federal energy tax credit is 10% of the installed cost up to $500.00 A deposit of $2000.00 is required at the time of your stove order. You may pay with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Visa, MasterCard and American Express payments are handled via PayPal. All payments made via PayPal must include a 3% finance charge. The remainder will be due at the time of installation. ]

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The Baltimore Biomass project is made possible in part by the generous support from the following major project partners: